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Welcome to Mindful Images Photography! Andy Horstmanshoff is the photographer, and Kevin Cooper is the person who does the rest (with Andy's input).

Artist Bio

Andy's interest in photography began in 1997, when he borrowed a 1958 Exacta 35mm camera from his dad to photograph Comet Hale Bopp from the shores of Washoe Lake. Though the pictures were rudimentary, he was smitten. From there, photography grew from a fun pastime to a serious hobby and, eventually, an avocation. Photography has opened his eyes and heart and taught him to observe and appreciate the profoundness of the world around him. Landscapes, skies, the rising and setting of the sun and moon, flowers, rivers, trees and people, are but a few of the subjects he loves to shoot.

Artist Statement

I believe that the best place to photograph is the place where you live, for if you cannot see the beauty in your own backyard, you will not see it in some exotic far away place. Guided by that philosophy, I have focused my lens on Northern Nevada, my home. And, what a stunning place it has turned out to be!

My focus is presently landscape photography. Occasionally light, the elements and vista merge to create an exquisite landscape, one that can never again be duplicated. And while I thrill at occasionally being able to capture such a scene, the real reward is simply being out there - in the moment. Watching a rising sun pour over a landscape, bringing it to life, puts me in touch with my real self and reminds me that all is one. On this journey I have found a new and deeper appreciation for our world - the place that ultimately sustains and nurtures each of us.

Although this website contains many of my favorite images, there are many that have not been included. So please check back often as we'll be rotating in new images on a frequent basis. Enjoy, and thank you for visiting.

All images on this website are the property of Mindful Images Photography and are ©Andy Horstmanshoff/Mindful Images Photography. The images on this site may not be downloaded or reproduced in any manner without the express permission of Mindful Images Photography. Site design by Kevin Cooper.